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Twitter Marketing Trends

Twitter is, without question, one of the most active, popular social platforms on the web.

  • The platform has about 310 million monthly active users and an additional 550 million monthly viewers who don’t login to their own accounts but merely consume other people’s Tweets.
  • About one-third of all US social media users are on Twitter and 80% of active users access the site via mobile.
  • Somewhere around 500 million Tweets are sent per day which adds up to about 6,000 Tweets per second.
  • About 65% of US companies having 100+ employees are marketing on Twitter.
  • The average Twitter user follows 5 businesses.
  • 80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in their Tweets, 77% feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet is replied to by a business and 54% have taken some kind of action (e.g. purchase, sign up, visit site) after seeing a brand mentioned in a Tweet.

So clearly this is a powerful platform for any business. Question is, how can you leverage it?


Twitter Marketing

Developing Your Twitter Plan

Your Twitter plan should be in place before you even setup your Twitter account so you can start implementing and sticking with it from day one. If you attack Twitter halfheartedly and without a plan, you’ll do what too many entrepreneurs do: you’ll eventually let your Twitter marketing peter out. Nobody wants to look like that embarrassing business whose last Tweet was from 3 years ago (and there’s a ton of those).

So generally, you want to put down a plan in writing that covers your day-to-day activity on Twitter. For example, maybe you’ll send out 2 tweets per day, Monday through Saturday. Maybe you or one of your team members will do these tweets manually each day. Otherwise, perhaps your weekly plan will include one hour every Sunday where you draft and schedule each of your tweets for the coming week using a social media scheduling tool like Warlord Social Suite (sort of an Internet Marketing-friendly version of HootSuite). Then, maybe you plan on participating in Twitter Chats once each week to grow your following and network.

Finally, your plan should include at least a daily check-in (preferably more than once per day) in which you check for questions, mentions, retweets, etc (and reply to them accordingly).

Setting up your brand’s Twitter account seems simple enough, but there are some important guidelines you need to know about.

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